Author Topic: Landlords, Do you allow your tenants to have pets?  (Read 14272 times)


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Re: Landlords, Do you allow your tenants to have pets?
« Reply #50 on: March 30, 2015, 03:21:57 PM »
Sorry to slightly derail, but -- Is it common for landlords to restrict dogs based on weight (for single family home type rentals)?

We currently have a ~100 lb Great Dane and a ~70 lb Weimaraner.  We're homeowners but not sure where life will take us next year after I graduate.  I've been operating under the assumption that we'd have to buy immediately if/when we move, but I'm pleasantly surprised at the number of landlords here who allow dogs :)
As an owner I have no issue with big breeds as long as they're reasonably well behaved.

However when I was a tenant I found many landlords didn't agree, my roommates 80 lb lab was a deal breaker a lot of places we looked at.  Hopefully if you decide to rent you're able to find a good landlord who will take the time to meet your dogs, anyone who got that far in the process with us approved the lab.
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