Author Topic: Just became a landlord, property manager says to avoid contact with tenant  (Read 628 times)


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I just bought my first investment property in the last month.  I wanted to get the tenants contact info to introduce myself and make sure all is okay.  The property manager said they don't have the tenants and owner connect, and they sent me this video:

Is this correct and normal? It does make sense to some extent, but wondering if it is normal and expected.  The video only has 37 views. Thanks.


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Correct and normal.  Run any and all communications through the PM.

If the tenant happens to make contact with you, refer them back to the PM.  If you wish to make contact with the tenant, send them a gift basket via the PM.

If you want to see the inside of the property yourself, join the PM on an annual inspection and walk through as his/her tech or assistant, not as owner.  Keep your mouth shut, inspect, observe. The tenants will provide direct verbal feedback to the PM and you can listen and see with transparency. 

Getting in the middle is bad for them, bad for the PM and bad for you, no matter your intentions. 


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You hire a property manager to manage the property. That includes all issues with tenants and the physical property itself. There is literally no reason for the tenants to contact you directly, and forming a relationship with them will only confuse roles and responsibilities. Focus on being a good owner: make sure the property is safe and maintained, keep an eye on it by doing inspections with the PM, and keep rents in line with market rates.


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Re: the video, can't a tenant claim that a PM made those promises too?

A tenant can sue for anything he/she wants -- and can make up shit completely -- but it's not gonna fly in court without evidence. I fail to see how having a PM would change these scenarios unless the PM always tapes conversations.

"The PM promised me a new stove!"
"The PM said that they'd extend the lease!"

I do agree with the bottom line, however. If you have a PM, keep the distance. It makes stealth checkups much easier and provides emotional distance.