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I own a condo and may be looking to buy a similar one in a quieter area. 

My general question is how do people coordinate buying and selling at the same time?  I mean, doesn't such a tight squeeze put pressure on you to either pay more for the new place than you normally would have or sell the old place for less than you normally would have?  If you find a new place, you pressure to sell your old one.  If you sell your old one, you pressure to buy your new one?

I know you can put 'contingent on selling' or 'contingent on buying' -- how do those play out? 

Also, has anyone ever sold without a Realtor?  How easy or hard is that?  There are a lot of investors buying other units and I may be able to just sell to one of them.  Negotiating a price seems tricky.

And finally, the prices should be about the same.  The new place should be slightly cheaper actually.  If I have to get a new loan, it would be very small.  I am hoping I don't need to get a loan at all.  If I can avoid the loan, will I save much in new fees?  I know there is an origination fee but otherwise all the other fees (title, insurance, etc.) are necessary even without a loan, yes?  I'm just asking if it is worth it by much to avoid a new loan or if a small one for a year or two seems negligible.  (I'd hate to lose out on a new place cause I was short 1% or stress much about it if the difference in loan vs cash is small.  But if its worth it, I can wait too).

Thanks for any insight!

I have bought my place and I have refinanced it but I have never sold a place or bought a place while selling. 

Thank you.


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Re: How to Buy and Sell at the same time - Pay With Cash, No Realtor
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2018, 09:21:49 AM »
You get a "bridge loan" with the bank so you can buy the new one, with the intent to either pay off the loan when you sell yours square things up and set up a new mortgage.
Should only have to pay interest on the bridge loan for how many months you used it, and the interest could be rolled into the next mortgage.   Banks do this all the time.

Have bought and sold several properties without a realtor.   Typically the title company will put all of the documents together for a pretty reasonable fee, much less than the 5-7% a realtor charges.
If the other party hires the title company, it's also never a bad idea to have your attorney look over all of the documents, of course this will be another small fee.