Author Topic: How do you check prospective tenants credit and work history? - Canada  (Read 799 times)


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I have a vacant suite right now and an application, at a time in Calgary when applications are harder to come by. In the past I've only ever called references and employers, and I have never done a credit check. The area I rent in more often attracts those who have limited credit history to begin with, and that applies to the current application as well. I was looking at equifax and transunion, but wondering if there are better ways to check for credit. Or, since there is limited info, if it is worth doing a credit check at all.



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Re: How do you check prospective tenants credit and work history? - Canada
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2016, 10:50:42 PM »
Do the credit check.  It is not that expensive, in the scheme of things.  I really wish I had done that for my prior tenant...  I only called the references...

Call employer to verify employment history / currently employed matching what they told you. 
Call current landlord to find out if they paid on time or caused any nuisances. 

(Boardwalk, and the other big property / rental companies on Calgary,  will only tell you if a current client is leaving on good terms or was asked to leave, fyi.  Asked to leave means that they did not pay rent on time or missed payments..but they don't give that detail or ANY detail..  I don't think Boardwalk would send someone packing for being noisy..)

Also, ask yourself if you priced near the top or bottom of the rental market.. That will be a sign for how hard it may be to get a good tennant.  We were priced about fifty dollars  a month high, although the condition was great of the unit, that dissuaded the good renters.   good tennants do not pay over market for great condition, they pay market and are choosy.