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Vinyl Plank vs. Carpet
« on: August 16, 2015, 12:32:37 PM »
While the vinyl plank sounds like a better choice in our rental, the quote we got for materials and labor (includes new carpet in bedrooms) was almost $7k. We don't feel capable of DIY and physical issues preclude it. New carpet would be cheaper, but wouldn't wear as well. However, I don't know how long I want to hold onto the place. We bought it to help our daughter out because she had no job after graduating and couldn't find a place. We didn't pay for college and wanted to help her out without losing too much money. She and a roommate do pay rent, although we charge about $100 below market. The place has appreciated, according to the comps.

I'm pretty sure we can cut the cost down to under $5k for vinyl plank, but I'm just not sure if it's a good investment given that if/when she moves out we may sell. Any thoughts?

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Re: Vinyl Plank vs. Carpet
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2015, 12:06:47 PM »
I prefer vinyl plank over carpet - especially in "common areas":

* Vinyl plank sounds solid - not the 'hollow' sound of laminate.
* Clean-up can be done with a mop or floor steamer.  You can certainly clean carpet with a steam shampoo machine, but it never stays clean.
* It's waterproof.  Rain, snow, mud, spills, child or pet accidents are not a problem. Maintenance is easy - sweep, wipe down, mop.  Carpet maintenance is a lot more than for vinyl plank - carpets are essentially a house-wide dirt & dust magnet under your feet.
* Touchup can be done with the same products you use on a laminate or hardwood foor - like colored pens or wax sticks from the home store.

It all comes down to style.  You don't have to have one product throughout the house.  If you like carpet, you can put in in some rooms, but not others.  Mix it up.  I focus on carpets in the bedrooms for the warmth factor, and vinyl plank (over laminate or carpet) for the common areas - kitchen, hallways, bath, family room - where more spills happen. 

Let us know what you decide.