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Buy or sell advice request - Australia
« on: August 07, 2017, 03:30:13 AM »

Requesting advice on a few scenarios. Currently living in own home in Wodonga, moving to Canberra 2018.

In the ADF, so move semi-regularly and haven't yet a clue where we'll 'stay put'.

Trying to decide whether to:

1. Keep Wodonga home and rent it out. Rent in Canberra (rent is pretty cheap for service personnel) Potentially get an investment property too within 2 years.

2. Sell Wodonga, buy in Canberra. Potentially get a cheap investment property, but money will be tighter (house in Canberra is at least 200k more for same standard).

Thing is, if we sell, we don't pay selling fees or buying fees in new location. However, this 'deal' only lasts 2 years. So, that makes me think we need to decide whether Canberra or Wodonga will grow more long-term. We also want to keep ownership of some property, in case of something unforeseen.

There are multiple combinations really, but I'm looking for the one which makes most long-term financial sense (with our best crystal balling). Planning to stay in job for another 10 years.

Any thoughts? I just loop around in circles in my melon!