Author Topic: Are there any low-priced semi-rural areas in England?  (Read 972 times)


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Are there any low-priced semi-rural areas in England?
« on: January 03, 2015, 03:59:35 AM »
I get really jealous reading about people buying a few acres for a few tens of thousands of dollars in the US. One of my FIRE dreams is a semi-self-sufficient lifestyle on about five acres in a semi-remote area (can't drive at the moment and unsure whether I will ever learn). 1 mile walk from a village would be ideal, with an onward train or bus to a bigger town. I would consider buying land and building on it, but am assuming planning laws would make it much more worth my while to buy an existing building.

Are there any areas in England that are like this? I specify England because Scotland is a bit far north for me, though Wales would be OK. Equally, Cornwall would be a bit far west. It'd be a big deal to relocate so far from friends and family so I would not want to make visits (to the south east) too onerous.

I have a ten year timescale on this, but I like to plan ahead and researching keeps me going towards FIRE.