Author Topic: Are SFHs in coastal cities susceptible to rising sea level frowned upon here?  (Read 720 times)


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I visit Tampa once or twice a year and my retired parents just moved there.   Prices are certainly more reasonable than buying a rental property in the NE.   Can also see myself relocating to the area if the right opportunity presents.   All that aside is it crazy in this day and age to sink funds into an area that may be under water in 100 years?


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It might not take 100 years :)  Personally, when I see people rebuilding on the Jersey Shore after Hurricane Sandy, I think they're nuts.


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I wouldn't buy anything anywhere on the coast until the chickens come home to roost on the feds subsidizing flood insurance. Someone is going to end up left holding the bag on that, and I wouldn't want to own a property that cost $25k/year to insure all of a sudden.