Author Topic: Anyone in Denver interested in beating Loftium at their own game?  (Read 671 times)


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Here is Loftium's pitch:

"Above market rent, guaranteed.
Sign a 2-3 year, above-market lease with Loftium and get paid on-time, every month. Never worry about vacancy again."

They do it by having property owners renovate their homes to provide two units, usually a separate upstairs and downstairs. Then they put long-term renters in one unit and have them manage an Airbnb in the other unit, getting around Denver's requirement for only being allowed to Airbnb your primary residence. This way it is technically the renters primary residence which the landlord allows them to sublet. The property owner gets above market rent, the renters get below market rent, and Loftium gets the extra revenue when the Airbnb+tenant rent exceed the monthly contract amount due to the landowner.

I have been renting in Denver for three years and am looking for a way to keep my rent low while moving into a nicer, larger place. Loftium appears to be expanding rapidly and doing quite well in Denver. I have two good friends renting from them and it is working great. I'm curious if any savvy property owners in Denver are interested in beating Loftium at their own game. If we set up a similar contract but cut out the middle man then potentially you and I both stand to gain by sharing the profit that would otherwise go to Loftium.

If anyone is interested send me a PM.
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Re: Anyone in Denver interested in beating Loftium at their own game?
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Sounds interesting.  If any of my Denver friends were landlords, Id put you in touch.  Good luck!

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