Author Topic: mutual benefit from a friend's cheap labour?  (Read 735 times)


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mutual benefit from a friend's cheap labour?
« on: April 21, 2017, 10:08:39 AM »
I have unique access to exceptionally good value construction workers. This is extremely rare and valuable in my high labour cost western EU country! (Background below.)

How could I benefit from that? I don't have cash to spend on rental or flipping real estate right now.

Background story:
A 200% trusted friend from a very low cost of living EU country is a really capable construction worker and has access to more. His rates are ridiculously cheap for my very HCOL EU country. I help my friend a lot: all the fiscal/accounting/social research and paperwork in both countries, a free place for him to stay and eat, advance him money, find him trustworthy customers, ... Even if he's very cheap by local standards here, he's rather well paid even by local standards thanks to my smart arbitrage between countries both in taxes and social contributions. All legal and triple checked. I'm always happy to have him around, and my significant other is too. We could easily justify our services being worth a small cut his contractor income, but we explicitly don't want to do that. It just wouldn't feel right...
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