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What books have changed your life?

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Has a book ever changed your life? I'm 43 years old and I read about 30 books per year. And in all the books I've read, I can count on one hand the books that have changed my life. I mean literally, caused me to change the way I do something. I thought I might get fellow MMMers opinions on really great books in our lives.

To break the ice, I'll mention Your Money or Your Life. This book changed my thinking about money from something that I wish I had more of, to a tool that I can use to accomplish great things. It also changed how I track money and progress toward any goal. I recommend it so highly that I gave it as a Christmas present to everyone close to me. If you're looking for a great personal finance book, you probably can't do better than Your Money or Your Life.


God, so many. But when I was a very young girl, around 12, A Tree Grows In Brooklyn was probably the first to shake everything up in my head.

The Millionaire Mind by Stanley.  That book inspired me to start my blog and just go BIG in general.  Nobody ever got anywhere without taking a risk.

Ooooh, excellent topic. I'll mull it over and let you know what my brain spits out.

Don Quixote de la Mancha by Miguel Cervantes.  I get something new out of it every time I read it.  Most recently it gave me: Even if everyone says that you're crazy or that you can't do something, you're damn right you can.  Everyone laughs and rolls their eyes when I say that I'm retiring in 2035 at age 50.


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