Author Topic: Using a DAF to give to DonorsChoose  (Read 271 times)

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Using a DAF to give to DonorsChoose
« on: September 24, 2020, 03:56:47 PM »
We like giving to DonorsChoose, especially in this era where teachers are scrambling to find distance learning materials, BUT getting a check cut and delivered from a Donor Advised Fund takes a long time. So, we've figured out a way to front-load the delay so teachers (and their needed supplies) don't have to wait when you donate to them.

1. Purchase credits at Donors Choose:

2. At checkout, where it has tabs for "Credit Card", "PayPal" and "Other", select "Other" and then choose "Donor Advised Fund".

3. If you have a DAF (like Fidelity) that plugs right into DonorsChoose, you can make the transfer right then and there (and skip to step 6), but if not, they'll give you a special code.

4. Head over to your DAF website, select Donors Choose as the recipient, enter a donation of the same amount, and make sure the special code is placed into the Memo field of the donation. It also might be a good idea to make sure the name on the DonorsChoose account appears somewhere so they can make doubly sure where to put the money.

5. Waiting game! Eventually the check will be sent, Donors Choose will cash it, and it will be applied to your account. You now have "account credits" which can be used like cash.

6. Give it away! Sort by location, time left, amount left, etc. Have fun!