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Two Easy Bank Bonuses
« on: July 31, 2020, 05:58:50 PM »
If anyone is interested in getting started with churning bank bonuses, there are currently two pretty easy offers that can be profitable, especially in two player mode.  These are Service Credit Union ($100 bonus and $100 referral bonuses) and Sofi Money ($125 sign up, $75 direct deposit bonus). 

For one person, you end up with $300 if you sign up for both of these accounts.  Not too shabby, since it will be maybe an hour of time total.

However, if you have a spouse/friend/creepy uncle that will sign up through your links, you'll end up getting $700 between the two of you ($400 to player 1 and $300 to player 2) because of the referral bonus.

I'll give step by step instructions for each account here, and if you would like to use my referral links/codes you are welcome to.

Service Credit Union

1. Be referred to open a new checking account at this link:

If you are from Massachusetts or New Hampshire, you automatically qualify to open an account.  For everyone else, you first have to become a member of the American Consumer Council (  Use the Promo code "Consumer" to join for free and they will send you a certificate via email in about an hour.

2.  Click on the "Open a Checking Account" button on the Service CU site.  Choose "New Member Account".  Choose your eligibility option (Member of the ACC).  Don't bother having them sign up for you, just do it yourself at the link I posted above.

Add the Primary Savings (required) and Everyday Checking (no fees).  When you add the Everyday Checking, it asks if a friend has referred you through the Pays 2 Know program.  Select Yes and enter the referral ID of the person referring you (mine is P2K0421817234)

3.  Enter your info, and if you want to speed things up a bit, upload the front and back of your driver's license/ID and your ACC certificate.  Otherwise you'll get an email asking for these.

You can fund up to $249 between the two accounts with a credit card.  If you have a Citi Double Cash card, I can confirm that this counts as a purchase.  For other cards, be careful that you don't get charged a cash advance fee.  If in doubt, just fund with a linked bank account.  Otherwise data points for the credit card funding are here:

4.  Once the account is open, you need to deposit $500 into the account to get your bonus.  There are many data points showing that you can just write yourself a check and use the Mobile Deposit feature in their app to get the $500 in almost instantly.  They have been posting the bonus within a day or two of the $500 deposit.  It looks like an ACH transfer from almost any bank will also work, it just won't be as fast as the check deposit.

5.  When your account is open and you want to generate your own referral ID for Two Player Mode, go here:

Sofi Money

1.  Open a Sofi Money account through a referral link (mine is here:

2.  Transfer $500 into the account from another bank to get your $50 sign up bonus.

3.  Once you receive your $50 sign up bonus, you are now eligible for another $75 bonus if you have a direct deposit post to the account within 30 days.  Unfortunately, this will probably need to be a real direct deposit from an employer, not a ACH push "direct deposit".
Details are here:

4.  You should be able to find your own referral link in the app, which will let you get another $50 for Two Player Mode.

There is now a better public offer for Sofi Money (non referral) that gives you $125 upon sign up after you transfer in $100+, and then another $75 to set up direct deposit:

Obviously these are not the most lucrative bonuses, but they are both very fast to sign up for, they don't require you to tie up much money, and they both post the bonus very soon after meeting the requirements.  This is in contrast to banks like Citi or BMO Harris that can tie up $10-15,000 for 4-5 months to get the bonus.

If you become hooked and start signing up for lots (my wife and I make $5000 or so a year from these), you can check for the best current offers, more specifically this page:
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Re: Two Easy Bank Bonuses
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2020, 04:34:23 AM »
New better offer for Sofi Money is available, so I edited the OP.  Now even better payout for these offers ($300 for one person or $700 for two people).


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Re: Two Easy Bank Bonuses
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Thanks for that, I used to do the bonus all the time, may start up again if I do I will use your code.