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Ramsey Solutions Financial Coach Mastery Training
« on: November 24, 2023, 09:51:20 AM »
I wanted to share this information in case someone could benefit from it.

As of 11/24/23, the Financial Coach Mastery Training by Ramsey Solutions is on sale right now for $959 (usually $2295). This seems like a good price to me in case someone is interested. They also are providing 30 free subscriptions to the Everydollar premium app and financial peace university. I did end up purchasing it myself so, let me know if anyone would like an update on what I think about it as I go through it. I do not benefit from sharing this at all. I just wanted to be helpful.

I have done some research on reviews and the conclusion I drew was that it is a bit of a mixed bag on what people thought about it. I do think a lot of the info I read was from people who did not do the training.

Wish you the best!