Author Topic: Payment Options with Verizon that don't have fees?  (Read 977 times)


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Payment Options with Verizon that don't have fees?
« on: June 26, 2021, 07:42:46 AM »
Skip to last paragraph to get to my question, if you like.

I got a mysterious letter from Verizon a few days ago. Something about they are required by Pa Utility Commission to inform me that I am eligible a one time  payment extension plan. Lots of other garbage, then they request me to call them to set up a payment plan.

All I have with them is a landline that I pay $30 a month for. I mail in a check each month. I am happy with that arrangement. Yes, I know it costs me a check and a stamp.

This letter doesn't say anything about paying by check being OK or not, but the payment options they list, of course, do not include paying by check.

They don't say I can no longer pay by check. They don't  say I have missed a payment or done anything wrong. 

So passive aggressive of them. 

I don't want to call them and give them the impression I am going along with their desires, even though I may decide, on my own, to change to one of the plans they want me to change to.

So I am asking here about payment options with Verizon. I want to avoid fees. Pay by phone charges $3.50 per payment.  I don't know about the other options' fees. Their website is really unhelpful about fees.

What about paying by going online to verizon website once a month and doing a 'push' payment from a checking account by ACH?  My credit union allows 6 free ACH per month, I think. 

I also want to control what I pay them, so I don't want autodeduct from a checking account.

Other options that don't (currently) have fees?


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Re: Payment Options with Verizon that don't have fees?
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2021, 08:25:49 AM »
I'd stick with just paying by check in the mail.

My local internet provider started doing the same thing, compounded by the screw-up when they changed everyone's account numbers such that the local payment place said it doesn't even recognize it, so I can't pay in cash.  I'm not paying that $3.50 convenience fee to pay by online debit or credit, so paying by check works best for me too. 
Not sure these CEOs have fully realized what this payment mess is costing them, but when they do I expect another change.


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