Author Topic: Need a new stacked washer/dryer, is there any reason to not go old school again?  (Read 669 times)


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I have a small rental property where the washing machine is in the kitchen and to preserve kitchen space, its in a vertical configuration.  I currently have an all-in-one unit, and the transmission on the washer just died.  Its $400 for the part and another $150 for labor and since the unit is 15 years old, I think its time to say goodbye. 

The rental property is 4 hours away and I'd like it to be reliable, so I'm going to go for a new unit--is there any reason to not get another one of the same?  I like how the more modern front loaders are modular--the dryer is still working fine and it would be cool to just replace one of the units rather than both if possible, but I'm scared of newer computer controlled tech on the more modern appliances.  I also have heard that you need to leave the washer door open between cycles and I think that would be really annoying in a kitchen with a door hanging open all the time.  But maybe its worth it if they're reliable?

So what would you guys recommend in my position?

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In my experience, the stacking kits for front loading washer/dryers are brand or even model specific. You could rig something up in most cases, but I wouldn't assume that going with stacked front loaders would actually offer more flexibility when one of them eventually fails.

If the tenants aren't expecting fancy front loaders, I'd stick with the tried and true single unit. They'll have fewer upsides, but a lot less to go wrong as well, both with the machine's features and with user experience.


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My first apartment had an "old school" stackable washer/dryer combo (this was 2005?), and DW and I still refer to it as our favorite. Reliable, dare I say bulletproof? Honestly, the newfangled frontloading machines leave quite a bit to be desired IMHO, particularly with respect to needing to leave the door open, as you mentioned.


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