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Free books on and other sites
« on: May 29, 2018, 12:33:50 AM »
I often find books that I want to read available on    Some of them you have to "check-out" and have a limited time to read, but most of them you don't have to check out and you can even download.  Unlike, they have some books that are not out of copyright.   They don't have all the latest bestsellers - it is mostly older books, but there are some newer books.

I usually check HooplaDigital, Overdrive, my two local libraries, LibriVox and when I come across a book I want to read a book.

Here's a book that I recently read on Built to Sell

This has helped me to drastically cut down on my book spending. 

One other thing that has helped reduce my desire to own books was the realization that my desire was partly driven by ego and wanting everyone that comes to my home to see all the books
I own to prove to them how smart and well-read I was.  I never consciously thought these things, but I think it was an unconscious motivation.
Once I realized this, I lost the desire to own books and was able to finally sell the vast majority of them.

Maybe it comes with age, but I have realized how many stupid decisions I've made in my life based on wanting to impress people and that desire has faded.