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Free Book Help Review Personal Finance Book
« on: January 05, 2024, 12:23:57 AM »

I wrote my first book on personal finance.  I set the price to free for the e-book at Amazon through Saturday.  I would really appreciate any feedback on the book good or bad.  Just looking for honest reviews.  First time author just trying to get my work in front of readers. 

The book is Financial Security with Clarity by Mark Cash

Thank you in advance to anyone willing to review the book good or bad!


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Re: Free Book Help Review Personal Finance Book
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2024, 07:04:25 AM »
Respectfully, the only interaction you ever have in this group is to come here periodically and ask people to read your book. I get that itís free. But maybe you could give some energy to the forum by participating for a while before asking people to expend their energy helping you?

Chris Pascale

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Re: Free Book Help Review Personal Finance Book
« Reply #2 on: January 05, 2024, 11:40:01 PM »
Do the following:
 - Contact the business clubs at high schools and colleges near you
 - Offer to give a talk at every library within 10 miles of you

ETA: @markcash, when looking to leverage a network, become at least a minuscule part of it, such as by responding.

Examples of people who've done this, and are, or will, benefit from it are (1) @TheDianiaTimes: She initially came to the forum saying I have an idea for an event and want feedback. She didn't grease anyone's wheels or pretend to be our bestie; she just said, "I'm here with a purpose," and that week she and I were on the phone. And while I'm sure she kicks herself every day for not having me as a speaker, she managed to take the consolation prize of getting some fringe guy named Pete-something; (2) @Nords: No need to extrapolate because he's still active here. (3) @JoshuaSpodek: Columbia prof who writes about systems, and is trying to save the world one piece of trash at a time. By posting here sincerely, which included a post about a new book of his, he got some interest, and if he comes back people will be like, 'hey, it's the guy who went to North Korea,' or whatever they remember about him. After he posted, he and I talked on and off for a year or two. A long-term implication of his engagement is that he made me think differently about how I want my research-driven non-fiction work released in terms of environmental impact. EXAMPLE: When my encyclopedia-sized biography [one day] comes out, rather than have potentially 100 pages of notes and sources, there'll be a 1-page QR code and web address for those who want to look up my sources. We're talking about thousands of pages, if not millions (and less fuel burned from shipping, and less space taken up in the world). Additionally, to encourage eBook over hard copy sales, I'm thinking of price points that will highly encourage one over the other - like maybe $4.99 versus $49.99. I'm not sure yet.

Further proof that you may want to change your approach:
Merriam CNBC profile:
Nords Forbes profile:
Spodek Time profile:

You, too, could get your message out at this level, but perhaps you need to step up from no-engagement to some.
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Re: Free Book Help Review Personal Finance Book
« Reply #3 on: January 12, 2024, 10:47:11 PM »
Thanks for the tag, Chris.

@markcash, on the chance that you're not simply working through a list of forums to cycle through every few months to appeal for reviews, could you pause for a minute to share how this hit&run marketing tactic is working for you?

As Chris mentioned, I've stayed active on forums, Facebook groups, Linkedin groups, and even on Twitter for military families.  I answer questions and occasionally post life updates (because life is good) so that people understand this financial independence achievement is sustainable.  I guest on several podcasts each year.  I attend at least one financial conference a year.  I even (*gasp*) tell people to check our books out of their local public library before they buy.

One other suggestion:  audiobook edition.  People want to get to know the author, or at least hear a proficient audiobook narrator bring your prose to life.  They'd also like to listen to it during a work commute, while they exercise, or just walking in a park.

What else are you doing to market your book?


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