Author Topic: 11% + (another 11% for some) back on ALL Apple Pay purchases with Discover it!!  (Read 1243 times)


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When using Discover to make purchases through Apple pay starting 9/16 through the end of the year, get an extra 10% back on all purchases (in addition to the standard 1% or 5%).

If you enrolled in the double cash back promo when it was available for current members, you will get your cashback doubled a year from now.

If you don't have a Discover It, then get one now, and you'll get all of your cash back doubled a year from now. Use a referral link such as mine and get a $50 signup bonus, which will also get doubled a year from now! (I also get a $50 bonus which will be doubled).

To use Apple pay, you will need an iPhone 6 or later.

Here's the Apple Pay supported store list.


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I came here to post a similar message :) Awesome links, johnny847!

The best tip in the article you posted is to get the $500 Visa gift cards at Walgreens. I'm def. going to do that!