Author Topic: Thought process few months before early retirement and during journey  (Read 518 times)


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Hi.. like to create this post to share my experiences how mindset and thought process is changing during FIRE journey. Will be sharing more from the time I told my employer about retirment and exit date.

43 years old, IT professional, started thinking about early retirement from last couple of years (without knowing about FIRE terminology), reached goals 3-4 years early so made quick decisions and informed employer.

Sep 2019 - Informed employer that I will be leaving in  last week of May 2020. is very well advance notice considering my role and responsibilities in the organisation.

May 2020 - I want to retire in India (and not in UK) so just waiting for flights to resume back to India and exit. So he waiting period is still going on.

Coming to mindset and thought process..

1. From the time I mentioned about retirement in Sep 2019, mind slowly started settling down. Started experiencing glimpse of how the mind will be after retiring.
2. Earlier entire world is Office, stress and rush with which we are working became my mind's rhythm. And whatever we do in life related, personal related, fun, travel etc  was with same frequency.. always rush, stress etc. Ofcourse in few activities, I was getting bit relaxation and fun but quickly mind was going into its natural state of stress, rush etc.
From this so called natural (artificial) state, able to experience few glimpse of settled state.
3. During Nov/Dec 2019.. able to really feel that eventhough it was not complete relaxed and real natural state of mind. But am sure it is happening and going to happen.. real unwinding of mind and settling into real natural rhythm (may be like how mind was in childhood.. don't know whether it is too much optimistic.. let's wait and see). Only time can answer it.
4. March 2020 (UK lockdown and in-person meetings reduced).. During this lockdown time, not going out and eventhough I am doing work, clearly mind is able to see OFFICE universe as a seperate thing and it is not mine. For outside world, I may be doing the work as usual. But mind started disowning (don't know what we exactly say) and able to see clear difference between how mind was oscillating earlier (before Sep 2019) and now.
5.It is more relaxed, good quality time with family, conscious about what is going on inside. I am doing yoga from last two weeks. Difference between yoga now and couple of years back is.. appreciating what is going inside. Earlier we used to do in a rush and once we step out of yoga session, mind is busy and even won't bother about the joy yoga session gave (may be for few min we were conscious). But now, able to feel the joy any workout or yoga was giving to me. So consciously aware of what is going on.

Like to hear from you guys too.