Author Topic: I am so blessed, what a wonderful world we live in  (Read 1934 times)


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I am so blessed, what a wonderful world we live in
« on: January 11, 2018, 01:11:58 PM »
Big storm has hit my area and this town CAN'T handle this weather. The storm hit last Thursday and we still have snow in the streets (the neighborhoods etc.), school has been closed for six days.....

I'll be honest, 2-3 days of being locked in and I was job hunting online! I got to thinking that hell, if I had a job to go to, I'd have some place to go since the parks, coffee shops, malls are not even open/safe to get to. I was ready to take just about anything to give me something to do/more "range of motion".

Today, temps are in the 60's (Still tons of snow around and sidewalks are not safe) but I've been able to do some telework from the library, spend some time on a bench in the park, and then to the bookstore for a cup of joe and more telework. Sanity restored! I am so blessed to have a life that allows me to do this, it took a lot of years of hard work BUT, they paid off. I'm also thankful that the infrastructure now allows for this (wifi, laptop computers etc.). It's great to be alive!

I've still got to balance the fact that my homestead isn't big enough to keep me as active as I'd like (no room for livestock/big garden) but it's in such a great area that we are not willing to move at this time. So, getting out of the house and getting to places like this is just going to happen more often, I just hope this storm was the worst this winter throws at us or I'm liable to end up flipping burgers at Wendy's just to stay sane. 

EDIT: I was thinking that IF given this kind of opportunity (I haven't been to a JOB in 4 months) that we HAVE to spend time remembering what makes us tick, what we are about. I've been following this process of self-realization and I've learned a few things:
1. When it's time to do some telework, I get more done when I exercise, shower up, shave, put on "work clothes" (and I hate paying attention to how I look....) and then leave the house to a place like a coffee shop/hotel lounge/library etc. It get's me in the mental state to "work". (I know, nothing new here....).

2. When I put on "nicer clothes" (sometimes I wear things that would cause you to wonder if I'm homeless, and I wear them out to home depot etc.) people look at me differently, they smile and they treat me better ( society, how messed up is it?). I'm not used to this since I've been wearing a uniform daily since 1993. So, I put on the nice clothes at times, the better treatment is nice, though I loathe the source of it (people are so shallow).

Sorry for the brain dump, kind of working through this stuff, even if no one reads it, it's cathartic to put it down "on paper".

(background, semi-fired from military, wife works, I have several side gigs that have not been keeping me busy enough....yet).
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