Author Topic: Has anyone here successfully done this Traditional IRA to Roth IRA conversion?  (Read 2428 times)


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I've read this article a few times with my husband.

Smart advice, but I wonder if it will work for our situation.  He is planning to retire early, I want to keep working as a freelancer.  If we file jointly, will my income keep us from doing this successfully? 

I'd love to hear success stories of this concept too!


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I've done this one year when my income was excluded, so I could convert up to the standard deduction + personal exemption tax free.  It was pretty easy.  I used Vanguard.  Here's a link to do it:
I think I had to convert to a money market fund, then moved it into the fund I wanted.  It worked easily for me.

If you're still working, you might not need to start converting immediately, unless your freelancing won't pay for all the bills.  If your freelancing is making lots of money, then you should continue contributing to a 401k and IRA, and don't start the conversion until when you retire.