Author Topic: The World's Most Beautiful Places... Reality as exciting as the Dream?  (Read 15425 times)


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This photographer seems to have genuine photos of Grand Tetons that aren't composite images, if anyone's interested:

Didn't mean to derail the thread, and I think composite images have their place in photography, but I just don't like it when they're passed off as the real thing. And in this case, the real thing is already beautiful anyway, so this trickery is rather unnecessary! :)

Though, going back to the thread title, and tying this to the photo discussion... I actually do think that in some cases, the proliferation of unrealistic photos these days are at least partially the reason why reality is not always as exciting as the dream. :p


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I guess that is the other thing about the world's most beautiful places - they are all at that Facebook 'photo-perfect' height for only a short period every year.  It's quite an undertaking to really experience the World, and to do it properly means that you see it at its worst as well as best.  Get to know the locals, discuss the history firsthand, and take the time to be open to spontaneity.   Life never gets boring if travel is done well.