Author Topic: How do people think it's OK to play music on public transport? So rude!  (Read 1467 times)


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It boggles my mind that people think it's acceptable to play music out loud through their phone speakers on public transport. It is SO SO RUDE to take up people's aural space like that. If I started blasting out opera at top volume they wouldn't like it, would they?! Do they think that sound magically doesn't travel beyond their seat, or do they just not give a damn? It's not like headphones haven't been invented! Seriously, how do people think this is OK?

I'll be honest, I very rarely say something. Mainly because I'm a coward. Also because it enrages me so much I don't trust myself to be polite. What would you do?


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YES! And what really gets me is the people who are wearing headphones, but have their music so loud I can hear them through MY headphones.

Similarly, why must you FaceTime right this second? Why must you shout while doing this? And why must you have your phone at its highest volume?

Related... speakerphone at work. I use it occasionally when somebody at my desk needs to speak with whoever's on the other end--but I keep the volume low. There have been people near me (who aren't anymore thankfully) who put their conference calls on super loud speaker. Whyyy?


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You should fight the punks but you have to respect Radio Raheem.