Author Topic: USAA wants to hire a military veteran for social media (San Antonio, TX)  (Read 1188 times)


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If you're a military veteran then USAA is hiring:

The short version is "USAA is looking for a Community Manager to moderate, manage and optimize our military community on If you have served in the military, have blogging experience and a customer service background, we'd love to hear from you."

In other words you get paid to do blogging & social media all day, 40 hours per week.  The salary is not disclosed at that link, but I know that USAA's benefits are generous. 

I'm not looking for a job, but I've been to USAA for two separate conferences.  I have shipmates and a cousin working there.  These people are so freakin' happy to be working at USAA that they make my cynical, skeptical antennae hurt.  If a submarine recruiter tried to make the same pitch to me that I've heard from USAA's employees then I'd run away screaming.  I've tried very hard at both USAA conferences to dig up the dirt and figure out what really sucks about the job.  The worst I could get anyone to admit to was the long walk across the parking lot in the July Texas sunshine.

The surf in San Antonio is always flat, and I'm not looking for a job.  But if I was, then I'd apply for this one.

I have a vested interest at stake here.  If you decide to take the job, then I'm one of the guest bloggers who can make you look good.

If you have questions then I can answer some of them and forward the rest anonymously. 
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Re: USAA wants to hire a military veteran for social media (San Antonio, TX)
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I <3 USAA.  :)