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Title: Need help with paid apps on Samsung phone
Post by: Linda_Norway on October 03, 2017, 05:54:28 AM

I have a Samsung S4 Galaxy Active telephone with a memory card. Recently the card stopped working for no reason and my phone told me to format it. The apps installed on that memory card were greyed out icons on the screen. I've done the formatting and now the memory card works again, but was of course empty.

Now for reinstallation of all the apps. For various reasons I didn't have a working backup with my apps on it. There are some apps I have paid for and I don't want to pay for them again. When I look them up in Google Play, they show their normal price.

I read on the internet how to reinstall paid apps. This is done in Google Play, menu "My apps and games", library. There the apps are listed. This way I got installed most of my paid apps. But a few just aren't listed there. There are still some files present on my phone with information from that app in Pro version.

Are there any other ways of reinstalling an app without paying again?

Any good tips about making a backup of the whole phone? I have Samsung Account backup running, but it doesn't backup apps.