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I've Started a Blog! [Photon Chasing]
« on: October 23, 2013, 01:50:34 PM »
I've been following MMM for a few years now. The things I've learned have really opened my eyes to a happier and simpler life. I'm rocking a 60% savings rate and on track to retire by 40 (ish). woo! When the forums went live I wasn't expecting a lot... but this community has been incredible. It's one of the best I've seen (which, on the internet isn't saying much ;) ). I genuinely respect the advice and feedback from this group.

About a year ago I decided I needed a good creative outlet. I wanted to make something. I was tired of consuming.

I've always been interested in photography (combines my inner gadget nerd, and my desire to make things look pleasing). So taking picture of shit sounded great! I've taken 1000s of shots, and even managed to get a few decent ones. I stored all my images and spot shared some on Google+, but that doesn't have a lot of the benefits a a blog offers (control, ad revenue).

So recently I started a blog that highlights some of my favorite shots, and I write about some neat things I've learned mixed in. I have three posts going, but if anyone is interested feel free to head over and take a look!
I'm open to any feedback; Positive or negative on the few shots I've posted, the writing, the layout, or anything really!

Thanks for the few minutes of attention,