Author Topic: Are social conservatives always wrong?  (Read 31876 times)


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Re: Are social conservatives always wrong?
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New topic, The One Million Moms (actually there are only about 70K of them registered) have been on a rampage over Toy Story 4 Apparently there is a scene in the movie where same-sex moms drop off a child at a school. OMM is incensed! A quick look at their site indicates other objects of their fury: a same-sex marriage of an animated rate teacher in PBS' beloved long-running Arthur series. Chips Ahoy cookies for some gender bending commercial. A particular area of concern are the widely popular Drag Queen Story Hours. Oh, and women having a legal medical procedure in (at the moment) 49 states. They'd like the shutdowns to continue.

Think of the children they cry! But not the children in cages at the border. Or the children from low income families who experience hunger on weekends and school vacations because of real food insecurity. Or children without homes altogether. Or how the climate is changing. Or how guns in the home kill more children then they purportedly protectd.The OMM only think of the non-existent "damage" their children will (not) experience because of a 5 second clip in a Pixar movie.

People like that just wear me out.
Shoot, my cousin posted a photo/ meme to FB this weekend about the damn Democrats caring so much about illegals, and look at this picture of an AMERICAN mom and kid sleeping outdoors cuz they are homeless and Democrats don't care!

Um, what?  What planet are you one? (Ohio, if you are wondering.)
First, we can focus on more than one thing at a time.
Second, do ya see most Democrats voting to eliminate the ACA, cut food stamps, reduce funding to public housing, cut public schools, reduce funding to mental health?  Because I don't.  Who do you think champions all those causes on a local, state, and national level?


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Re: Are social conservatives always wrong?
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