Author Topic: Retire like Derek Jeter!  (Read 1132 times)


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Retire like Derek Jeter!
« on: August 14, 2015, 09:17:32 AM »
Got a laugh out of this from MarketWatch:

Retire like Derek Jeter!  Hobbies include:

-Charity work through his Turn 2 Foundation
-Charity work for other cancer organizations
-New website
-The Player's Tribune (I assume writing?)
-Making sweet love his swimsuit model GF

I'm going to put this here since finding passions outside of your working profession after FIRE is pretty mustachian.  I'm sure his spending is not so aligned with MMM values.

Sounds like a great life.  I'll just leave this picture of his new girlfriend here...


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Re: Retire like Derek Jeter!
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2015, 11:47:20 AM »
Relatively speaking, Jeter did live somewhat Mustachian. For years he had a modest (by ballplayer standards, anyway) 4,000 square foot home in Tampa and he claimed Florida residency, living there in the offseason and during spring training. The problem was the Yankees kept making the playoffs, playing through October, and thus there was no way he was spending the six months a year necessary to qualify. (Unfortunately for Jeter, his schedule is well documented, unlike the many New Yorkers who spend 1-2 months a year at their Palm Beach homes and claim residency and get away with it.)

The IRS nailed him and one thing they pointed to, remarkably, was that he had a "modest" home in Tampa and a far more valuable condo in NYC.

Jeter responded by building a 20,000 square foot home on the water in Tampa toward the end of his career and now he makes the place known as "St. Jetersburg" to locals his retirement home.
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