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Re: MMM shout-out in Outside Online
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Well written for a longer article.

To clarify, relative deprivation is when you look at what others have, you will be convinced that you have less. When a $500 car drives past you and a $50,000 car does the same, which one is more noticeable? The $50,000 car is more noticeable because it's the one you don't have.

If you focus on yourself and be grateful, you engage in synthetic happiness (google Dan Gilbert). No matters your circumstances if you compare yourself to no one, it's incredibly easy to be happy.

The above is 100% true, but also theoretical. When you live in Boulder, it's extremely difficult to not compare yourself to others. The abundance of wealth is in your face 100% of the time.

It's not surprising that the writer became more happy when she left Boulder because her comparison group changed to a lower more realistic income level. MMM was also in a hurry to leave Boulder for similar reasons.

I love Boulder, but I would never live there for the same reasons. My sister-in-law lives 25 minutes outside of Boulder. I am convinced that I would be chronically unhappy because I would be constantly asked to do things that I couldn't afford.

I love to snowboard and my "dirt-bag" friends are actually better than average when it comes to investing. They learned at a very early age that they were trading their time for money. They understood that by investing you are not trading your time for money. They could survive on shittier cars and less expensive houses. I'm not saying that they are Warren Buffet, but I am saying that they are better than average. Most have  college degree, so maybe that has something to do with it. However, I would still say that they are better investors than a typical person with a BA. Being a dirtbag outdoor person is about lifestyle design. The invested money supports your lifestyle.


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Re: MMM shout-out in Outside Online
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Re: MMM shout-out in Outside Online
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Enjoyed the article, thanks for sharing!