Author Topic: [Raleigh/Durham/Triangle Area, NC] Looking for short-term apt rental and a car!  (Read 758 times)


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I went to grad school in Durham and am relocating back after a brief work-related stint that turned into a few years in Washington, DC. I'm familiar with the area and looking to buy a house as soon as I can, but I also need a short-term housing option until then. I'm looking for a 6 month (or shorter) lease or sublet.

It does not have to be in Durham, however, shortening my commute was one of the driving factors behind my choice to relocate, so I'm definitely looking for something within a 30 minute drive of RTP. I have a 35 pound dog, a perfect history of paying rent on time, and an unusual willingness to put up with strange living situations. Dishwasher and in-unit laundry are preferable but I can be flexible.

Second, I'm looking for a reliable automatic car under $3k. High mileage or cosmetic problems are not necessarily an issue as long as the car does not need major mechanical work.

Please email me or send a PM if you have any leads on either front. Thanks in advance!