Author Topic: Selling 2010 Honda Fit with a Manual Transmission. 88k miles. $6000. Clean title  (Read 1251 times)


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Hi! I'm selling my 2010 Honda Fit with a manual transmission. This car is a Mustachian's dream. 36 mpg combined if you drive it right, but even when you drive it like you stole it you still get 30 mpg. Black on black. Standard dents and scrapes that you would see on a seven-year old car.

Clean title in hand. Valid CA registration until July 2018. My mechanic told me I may need a new engine mount in 5000 miles (looks like a $200 expense), and said it would be a waste to do it now. Otherwise, fresh brakepads and rotors, windshield wiper blades, etc. Oil change due in 2k miles (I replace with non-synthetic every 3k).

I'm the second owner. Bought this from a college friend last year with 78k miles. Selling because I don't really need this anymore, but if I did I'd keep it as long as I could. It's really the perfect car, in my opinion, minus the stock sound insulation :). Tires still have plenty of tread. I had it inspected for Uber and Lyft last week, and the car passed the inspection once I replaced brakes.

Things you should know:

I got into a minor fender bender a few months ago and replaced the front passenger side door with a 2012 door I found on eBay and had professionally installed. There's still a dent in the panel underneath the door. Paint matches perfectly and you can't even tell.

I bought the car with a broken mirror and scrapes on the right side of the car from when my buddy (the original owner) reversed into a pillar in his parking garage in SF. I replaced the mirror personally with a OEM on eBay. I don't have pictures of this.

Roofbox/racks not included. Please message me if you're interested, we'll trade contact info and go from there.