Author Topic: Looking for cloth diapers in good condition!  (Read 4764 times)


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Looking for cloth diapers in good condition!
« on: December 22, 2022, 07:03:28 AM »
Longtime reader, finally upgraded to a smartphone (shame) and now can make my own account.

I'm expecting my first baby in early February, and figured there might be some people on here who have cloth diapers they are ready to pass on! Some brands we're interested in trying out: BumGenius Elemental or Freetime (all in one), Rumparooz, Mama Koala (all are one size fits all) - please share a bit about the condition/use of the diapers, we're not opposed to a bit of elastic rehab but want to know what we're in for.


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Re: Looking for cloth diapers in good condition!
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2023, 06:18:44 PM »
Hi! Congratulations!  Sorry for the late reply, but I have tons of gently used cloths diapers that I am looking to sell. We attempted to cloth diaper but eventually stopped. Some of ourís have never been used. We have lots of the Flip Covers with snaps and the microfiber inserts, and well as GMD prefolds, which we used as inserts. We also have some other brands as well. Let me know if youíre interested!


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