Author Topic: Needed: Place around Denver in June to park/work on an RV for 2 weeks  (Read 2426 times)


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We are full time RVers and had a major breakdown with our old rig near Pueblo, CO
We are currently in Denver trying to purchase a new (to us) RV.
Once we are in this new rig, we want to install Solar panels and do a few other modifications.

We are looking to rent a side yard, backyard, space on someone's property with access to electricity and water,
temporary access to a bathroom would be a huge plus, but not absolutely necessary.
Would need a space about 25 feet in length at least 10 feet wide.

We'll need this spot for about 2 weeks in June, as soon as we take possession of a new RV.

Ideally we would prefer to stay in the RV while we work on it (our current RV was broken into at a car repair shop),
but depending on the overall situation and arrangement, we could stay with a friend in Denver, while working on the RV.

If you know of anything, please let me know where, how and how much you'd like in space rent.

Any help or leads appreciated.

Also if you'd like more details to the story or just want to know a bit more about us before offering your space, here's more information's-monday-and-my-house-has-wheels!-nomad-life-in-fireland/msg2848084/#new
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