Author Topic: ISO Hypnobirthing material (as recommended in mini money mustaches thread)  (Read 1004 times)


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Anyone looking to unload their Hypnobabies material? Enough Mustachians have chimed in that it's been worth it for them.

Of course I will pass it on at a lower price to whoever gets it after me. I'm on the US/Can border and can pick up things shipped to me on either side.

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I have the classroom (not homestudy) materials- workbooks and CDs. 
I found it extremely useful for both of my labors; though due to circumstances didn't go fully unmedicated either time. (First time was a stillbirth, and the materials helped me stay calm, but I went with IV meds since the baby's health was not at risk; second time the materials allowed me to get through a good deal of labor while still at work, just pausing at waves of contractions between some data entry work. I went to the hospital at 6 cm and contractions 2 minutes apart- but I decided to get the epidural because her heart rate was being wonky and I wanted to make sure if I needed a c-section I wouldn't need general. Turns out I needed the emergency c-section, but the epidural wasn't strong enough and I needed general anyway.)

It isn't recommended by the company to use the classroom materials on their own; but I thought they were sufficient (I also didn't realize at the time they weren't the homestudy- the ebay listing I got them on was a bit misleading.)

I paid $125.  Feel free to PM me with an offer if you'd like them. I'd prefer to ship to US address.

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