Author Topic: Google Sheet that translates your data into a FIRE Dashboard  (Read 563 times)


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For the last few years, I have been working on creating a FIRE Spreadsheet and Dashboard to extract more value from the data. The objective was to translate the data into actionable FIRE insights with high-quality visualizations, metrics, and stats. After a lot of work and user-testing, it is now ready to share.

In a nutshell, the Spreadsheet and Dashboard:
- Uses transactions and net worth data (in .csv format) as input.
- Transforms the input data via a combination of custom Google Script, spreadsheet formulas, and minimal user input.
- Outputs a collection of key metrics and professionally built charts that allow you to track and plan your progress towards FIRE.

You can check a complete summary of the features and screenshots here.

I created an installation and user guide that details every section. You can check it here

If you are interested, I am selling it via my Etsy shop (here) and I will be running a promotion (50% off) for a few days.

Thanks for reading!


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Re: Google Sheet that translates your data into a FIRE Dashboard
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This is great - thanks!