Author Topic: Offering GRATIS eco-driving coaching - Vancouver BC. Punch Big Oil in the face!  (Read 1313 times)


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Hi all -

I'm visiting Vancouver for a couple of months and am offering free eco-driving (a.k.a. "hypermiling") coaching for fellow mustachians in the month of January.  I'll show you how to save fuel (thus money) using your own vehicle.  (For those times you're not using your bike, that is. :) )

About me: I embraced mustachian ways some years ago, leading to semi-retirement in my late 30's.  I'm a former instructor of defensive driving and am well-versed in eco-driving/hypermiling techniques (I occasionally compete in and win "economy driving" contests).  I also co-founded a popular discussion forum specifically about fuel efficiency.

Again, the coaching is free.  Why?  Because:

(A) I don't need the money, and,
(B) I get a kick out of teaching genuinely motivated people.  Plus,
(C) for a variety of reasons, I think this skill is worth sharing, and "free" is a great way to make that happen.  Lastly,
(D) it's actually pretty fun.

You can expect to learn how to reduce your fuel consumption by about 10-20% with a number of "foundation" techniques.

Now, MMM figures you should be able to reduce fuel use 25% with hypermiling, and he's right.  In fact, I regularly beat the government fuel economy ratings in my car by 50% and more.  But this session will focus on the basics; once you've mastered those (that varies between different drivers), you can choose to learn -- and save -- even more.

I've been giving these sessions back home (beautiful 1000 Islands region of eastern Ontario), and participants have seen on *average* a 14% savings in fuel use, with coaching.

I'm offering 4 or 5 sessions through January, first come, first served.  So if you're interested in learning how to punch Big Oil in the face, or if you just have questions, feel free to reply in this thread or via private message.


PS: For additional info, below is the text of a message I've used to publicize these sessions back home:

Local resident and “economy driving” offering free coaching of fuel-efficient driving techniques.

These can reduce a typical driver’s fuel consumption by 10 to 20%.

You’ll use your own car which must be a 1996 model or newer (for compatibility with the fuel economy computer Darin uses). The session will consist of three ~20 minute “laps” of a pre-planned route.

The student will drive the first lap to establish a baseline and so Darin can observe. Darin will drive the second lap to demonstrate and explain various efficiency techniques. The student will drive the third lap, with coaching from Darin.

The fuel consumption from each lap will be recorded and compared at the end of the session.  A complete session takes about 90 minutes (or more, depending on how in-depth you want to get).