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Title: Community in the Mt region
Post by: PlantBased on August 07, 2021, 08:58:38 AM
I'm looking to rent my place in N. Myrtle Beach and get back to the Mid or Southwest, possibly Colorado.  But I've noticed homes have become pricey in most of the cities in CO.

So I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations for areas with more modest priced homes, say in the 250K and under range?  My interests would be community, low traffic, health-minded/outdoors/active type lifestyle - somewhat close to mountains or trails would be ideal.  Some balance with population; not off in the boonies, and then away from the rush of bigger cites and traffic.   

This is a time-sensitive post, as I'm looking to do a cross country road trip, and maybe stay on some BLM land and visit a few cities on the way to MT...  staying on a friends ranch at the end of August (2021).  Was thinking of doing an AirBnB in Colorado Springs, but open to recommendations?

BTW, Myrtle Beach is a great place to do rentals, but it's sadly lacking in active/health-minded communities.
Title: Re: Community in the Mt region
Post by: Mr. Green on August 08, 2021, 12:17:59 AM
We've been all over the west for the last three months. Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Oregon. I don't know that I've seen one place with prices that low, especially after the 25-40% gains of the past year. Maybe if you got into some smaller towns a few hours away from major cities?
Title: Re: Community in the Mt region
Post by: PlantBased on August 08, 2021, 06:34:14 AM
@Mr. Green
especially after the 25-40% gains of the past year.
Yea, home prices have been on a crazy run-up.  They don't count home prices in inflation, but for me home prices ARE INFLATION. There is nothing even really close when it comes to expenses, at least in my case.

Maybe I'll look into renting and buying a small plot of land and build the home myself.  A few friends have talked about doing that.  It also appears you need to be aware of potential water issue.  There are some articles about water issue in Southern OR, and that could become the new normal, given what is going on with the environment.

It sounds like you might be looking yourself, or maybe it's travel for the sake of getting out.  If so, good luck in your search.
Title: Re: Community in the Mt region
Post by: Mr. Green on August 08, 2021, 09:29:34 AM
@PlantBased we wouldn't mind having a spot out west as a jumping off point for moving around out here. There's just so much to see and parts of the west are so wildly different from each other, whereas the east coast is mostly the same type of forest until you get into upper new england.

Water is definitely something I'd think about. I'd love to have a piece of land that has a reliable mountain stream that runs year round. Fires are another concern, especially if you're not in a city. I heard another small California mountain town burned down a few days ago. Heat is something else that feels like more and more of a factor these days. I'd be looking at higher elevations to help with that maybe. Though it seems unlikely that we could account for all of these things the way we'd want to and still get our other priorities too, like proximity to services and medical.

I love the idea of a yurt if it was in a location with low humidity. They're inexpensive and easy to leave for periods while travelling. Largest I've seen is 30' in diameter, which is 707 sq. ft. More still if you build a loft into it, which is easily done because they have the height.

Keep in mind though that when real estate prices shoot up like that, it's mostly the land that goes up in price. The cost to build a house doesn't change beyond the materials and labor to build it. So it's the land that's going up in value the most because otherwise I could but a lot and pay someone to build the same house substantially cheaper. Perhaps there will be some areas out there where there is a little disconnect but for the most part this holds true. Building your own house is still great of you can do it. Labor accounts for half the building cost so you can still save quite a chunk of money by doing that. I've considered this route as well.

Good luck!