Author Topic: Win/Win money market offer + balance transfer leveraged to invest  (Read 983 times)


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I received two offers I can take advantage of by June of this year:

1) A Credit card balance transfer offer for a 1% fee, 0% APR until July 2018

2) An offer for Capital One 360 Money Market account to receive a 200$ bonus for deposits of $10,000 or more, with 1% annual percentage yield on the account. Bonus is paid in 6-8 weeks, and there is no minimum time required keep the account open after the bonus is paid. Also there are no account maintenance fees.

I was thinking of doing the balance transfer for $10,000 for a cost of $100, and depositing it into the money market account to receive the $200 bonus. I could then lump sum invest this amount into the market if it crashes, or let it sit and collect 1% APY.  Regardless, I'll have the income to pay back the balance transfer in full by the end of the promotional period either from my job or the money market account if the market doesn't crash.

Seems like a win/win situation. I'll continue to invest my monthly income as usual, but this opportunity will allow me to net $100 and 1% APY at 0 risk, unless the market crashes, in which case I will invest the entire lump sum leveraged from the balance transfer. What do you think?

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