Author Topic: Will aluminum sub in for scarce copper? Even if it doesn't, will EVs boost it?  (Read 293 times)

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After a big run up on copper mining stocks that I only caught the tail end of (up 40% on FCX), I have heard many opinions on the internet that there simply won't be enough copper to supply the demand for electric vehicle technology.

I remember reading one random commenter saying something about how aluminum can be pressed into service in its place.

Elon and his peers seem capable of many technological feats so I imagine if they ran out of copper or it became environmentally disastrous to mine any more of it, they'd figure out a way to make aluminum work.

Even if this doesn't pan out, Tesla is already moving in the direction of replacing the myriads of small individual components with massive cast aluminum components in their place.,to%20come%2C%20the%20source%20said.

Given this info I wouldn't be surprised to see continued buying of stocks like KALU, ARNC, and CSTM and significant revenue growth for them over the next decade.

Any counterpoints I should consider?


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Aluminum is sometimes used for overhead electrical wires to save a buck, but there are engineering problems. Maybe thatís where this idea came from? I think itís doubtful aluminum will be used for EV motors or circuits, but it might be used for chassis/body parts instead of steel. This would save weight and increase range. Itís why Ford is doing the same with the F150.

However, vehicle electrification might mean fewer cast aluminum ICE engine blocks too.