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Morgan Stanley Mutual Funds and Equivalent ETFs
« on: April 21, 2019, 08:38:06 PM »
My 401K (former employer), 401K (current employer), and 457b have only mutual funds as investment options and all of these three are with Fidelity Workplace Investments. Here痴 my current portfolio.

401K (former employer):
FOADX - Fidelity Emerging Markets 34.5%
(No symbol) - Fidelity Contrafund Pool 29%
DODFX - Dodge & Cox International Stock 22.5%
FSPSX - Fidelity International Index 13.65%

Obviously, I have stopped contributing to it over an year ago and have not rolled it over to current 401K or IRAs.

There are a few target date funds from Vanguard in this plan available. I am considering to roll these into something better. Fortunately, this old 401K plan has Brokerage Link option available and allows me to trade the funds in the plan like a brokerage account.

I came across a a few mutual funds from Morgan Stanley that have  good performance:


Are there any ETFs similar to these funds? I am thinking of converting my assets to these funds or similar ETFs. if I find nothing, I will use a few broad no transaction fee ETF.

Current employer offers 401K (with a 5% match vested after 3 years with the employer) and a 457b without any match. I have almost maximized them last year. Hopefully it will be the same this year.

I have my portfolio in

TRBCX - T Row Price Blue Chip Growth 74%
MRRGX - Meridian Growth 26%

I can also rollover old 401K to the new. The target date funds available in my new retirement plans are all T Row Price target date funds. There are a few other stock asset class funds like FXAIX, VTAIX, DODFX, and DFFVX.

I know most people don稚 prefer mutual funds. Morgan Stanley funds above should not turn out worse than ETFs. I understand they have higher costs. Anyone ave any suggestions?