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Looking for advice
« on: February 26, 2017, 10:14:02 PM »
I am a 35 year old single professional with a (temporarily) high income negated by high student debt. I have recently paid off my 7% interest loans and was hoping I could get some investing advice. I currently have about 150k in a money market account (1% return) and about 20k in vanguard ETFs. I do not have enough money(>250k) at this time to have a personal investor and the more I educate myself, the less it seems like they're really needed. I grew up modestly (read:poor) and have been very hesitant to invest, but I'm realizing more and more this is something that needs to be done ASAP. I have maxed my 403 each year and added ~5k/yr to my 457. Each has returned ~5-12%/yr.
My 403 will likely satisfy my needs after 60 but I am concerned about 45yo+ as my job field tends to have a very high burnout level. I currently work 60 hours/w and would like to begin to taper that down to 30hours/w by 45.

I have followed the "investment order" recommendations but still have some questions.

Problem 1: 457 options through fidelity
I currently have the option of spending 15k into a 457 through fidelity and was considering FSTVX / FSGDX / FSITX distribution vs. the same 20+ funds spread fidelity is already using for my 403. I would love other fund recommendations in this area that is fidelity (or schwab) specific.

Problem 2: How does one make a "backdoor roth IRA"  I would likely just want to fill it with the baseline:
VTI, VXUS, BND distribution.

Problem 3:  I have 150k to invest in a taxable account and I am unclear if I should go with:
Vanguard solo vs. Vanguard with the 0.3% fee vs. emulating a TIAA-Cref account (which is frankly ~20 vanguard funds/municipal bonds/Russell etfs). I'm not sure I can do the latter without getting hammered in brokerage and trade fees.