Author Topic: Exclusive interview with the CEO of MoneyVane (Betterment-like in Switzerland)  (Read 1393 times)


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Hi Mustachians,

Since I started to invest our money one year ago (thanks YNAB and MMM!!!), I was hoping that one day a service like Betterment would start here in Switzerland.
It seems that my dream is going to become true with!
The CEO of this startup accepted to answer some questions to reveal exclusive infos about this soon-to-be-live Swiss made financial advisor service.

I must admit I'm convinced: no fees until 15k, and an awesome referral program! => bye bye Swissquote ;)
You can read the full interview here:

Who of you is at Swissquote at the moment? Or worse, at a usual bank like UBS or so?
Would you be interested in a service such as MoneyVane?



Wow, a phone plan for fifteen bucks!