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TSP / IRA Bond Fund Selection
« on: March 08, 2016, 04:08:02 AM »
32 years old and retirement accounts currently look like:

Vanguard Roth: Total balance $34,000

 72% - Total Stock Market
 18% - Total International Stock
 10% - Total Bond Market

Roth TSP expected balance by the time I leave military service next year and have to cease contributions: $14,000

Currently I mimic the AA of my Roth using G,C,S, & I funds.

I've been weighing the idea of slowly migrating all of my TSP into the G fund to act as the entirety (for now) of my fixed-income holdings. The benefits of that fund in particular are that it has roughly the return of intermediate-term treasuries with essentially zero capital risk. Assuming I don't find other federal employment to resume contributions, the TSP balance will eventually not keep up with my desired percentage of fixed-income allocation and I will have to pair it with a bond offering from Vanguard.

Is their total bond market fund a reasonable enough choice for this, or is it worth considering something more specific like an intermediate-term investment grade or a long-term treasuries fund at, say, a 70/30 G-to-bond-index ratio?

Or perhaps with the TSP balance expected to remain as small as it is, it's not worth the hassle of yearly allocation adjustments this will likely cause and better to just leave it with the same AA as the Roth?