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I make a pretty decent living.  Over $200,000 this year.  My expenses are relatively low so I have quite a bit of liquid cash and I've no idea where to invest to a) keep it safe and b) grow at a reasonable rate.  (1% or 2% is not reasonable to me)  For the past year, I've been investing in Vanguard funds.

The reason I say "don't respond unless you're a millionaire" is because if you're not a millionaire, then your advice is not worth much.  I mean, if YOU are not rich, then why would I listen to you?  (I'm not trying to be mean ... just straightforward) That's why I pulled my money away from my broker at UBS and my broker at Smith-Barney (or whatever they're called now).  THEY weren't millionaires so how in the world could they make ME a millionaire?  Conversely, I can lose money in the stock market just as easily as they can ... and don't have to pay them for the privilege.

With another recession looming and the US Dollar (or the country as a whole) poised for collapse, what can I do to keep my money safe yet grow at a reasonable - even modest - rate?  Do I invest in gold?  How do I know I can trust a gold broker?  I mean, I don't actually get the gold brick ... all I'd get is a piece of paper that SAYS that I own a gold brick, right?  Whom can I trust (both not to steal my money AND to give me sound advice)?  I'm 53 and I'd like to retire in 10 or 15 years with a few bucks in my pocket.
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Find somewhere else to troll.  Thanks.
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