Author Topic: Tax planning when moving from Canada to the USA  (Read 1732 times)


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Tax planning when moving from Canada to the USA
« on: October 24, 2013, 07:12:39 PM »
There wasn't a clear board that this belonged on so I thought I'd put it here.

I'm preparing for a move from Canada to the USA and am trying to ensure I make the right moves with my investment to shelter them from unnecessary taxation (legally, obviously).  If anyone has been in this situation before, I'd appreciate learning about resources that you found especially helpful.  I need to educate myself but feel like I keep getting lost in the maze, especially since I'm not familiar with the US tax system.

In case the particulars help
 - I am moving for an undetermined amount of time.  May stay there forever, may move back to Canada at some point.
 - I am particularly concerned about the money in my RRSPs and TFSA