Author Topic: Strategy in investing in Fundrise/alt or other? To pay for a lower interest loan  (Read 412 times)


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I have monthly loan payments equalling about 500.00 per month at 4% interest and have about 50k cash to try and come up with a strategy.

I was looking into something like Fundrise, in which I can earn about 6k per year assuming a 12% return rate.

I know that Fundrise is not a liquid investment but if the return stays consistent, will take care of the monthly loan obligation.

Knowing that I can pull the trigger there pretty quickly and is pretty hands-off, versus doing more research and networking and going in on some private real estate deals with some people, has me kind of intimidated as I currently work about 70 hrs per week and have little time ( or energy) for anything else.

Are there any other alternatives I should consider?

Knowing the loan obligations will pretty much be on auto, and after paid off, quarterly returns of 12% (hopefully) has me leaning towards the Fundrise solution, but don't know if there are other alternatives I should explore

Thanks in advance


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You need to take credit risk into account. The probability of fundrise loans defaulting is more than 0. You need to estimate that probability and then see if it makes sense to invest in fundrise.

If getting 12% per year was so easy, everyone would be doing it.


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Groundfloor might be an option too. I haven't personally used it.


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