Author Topic: Small but Dumb Luck with 401k Rollover  (Read 1976 times)


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Small but Dumb Luck with 401k Rollover
« on: December 04, 2012, 08:34:38 AM »
I recently did a 401K IRA Rollover....from the time I requested the withdrawal to the time it settled the portfolio went up 2%.

Portfolio was flat from settlement to deposit in the IRA - ideally it would have been great if the market went down during this brief period but no such luck.

Anyway, to me it is net gain of 2% attributed to dumb luck because if it would have processed and settled that day the IRA would be buying back in at higher prices.

This obviously could have easily gone the other way also and it was eye opening/bothersome to me the inefficiency in these rollovers - my funds were basically not invested for about two weeks, but it worked in my favor this time.


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Re: Small but Dumb Luck with 401k Rollover
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