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Sorry, tried to format this, but do not know how...  With that said, and with an appreciative spirit, I would like some help from my friends here at MMM to guide me with what I have.  Total is right around $1.3 million.  My situation is:

I have been/project to live on less than $20,000/year.  I rent, am single/divorced, and have no other debt.  Currently in a situation of ER transition, trying to get my feet under me, feel confident with my choice and new lifestyle, and find out just what the hell I want to do with the rest of my life...  I know punching a time clock, and long commutes are not in this future.  This portfolio has bits and pieces from decades ago, some very recent, and now seemingly not very smart...  What the hell can you do, but the best you can at the time. 

The huge amount of current cash is because I was very close to buying a home (about $100k), with the rest as an emergency fund (face punch for the amount).  The TIAA-CREF was inherited, part of it a variable annuity, and I currently have to take RMD's from it for about $3,000/yr.  The QDRO is still held at my ex-wife's benefit provider (Hewitt), and the fees/cost are actually pretty good considering the source.

Obviously I would like to be as tax efficient as possible, and hopefully using the 4% rule, I should not be broke in the future...  Would like to stay around a 3% SWR ideally.  So, your advice, suggestions and help to maximize my situation are GREATLY appreciated.  Thanks!

Cash/Cash Equivalents:

VMMXX   Vanguard Prime Money Market Fund                                    $4,008
Cash in Savings Account                                         $174,324
                                                       Total $178,832

Vanguard Taxable Stock Mutual Funds:

VGENX   Vanguard Energy Fund Investor Shares                                    $19,099
VGSLX   Vanguard REIT Index Fund Admiral Shares                            $27,002
VDIGX   Vanguard Dividend Growth Fund                                            $57,099
VIGRX   Vanguard Growth Index Fund Investor Shares                 $6,410
VGHCX   Vanguard Health Care Fund Investor Shares                  $21,406
VTSAX   Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund Admiral Shares           $383,919
VTIAX   Vanguard Total International Stock Index Fund Admiral Shares  $43,850
                                                        Total $558,785

Vanguard taxable Fixed Income:
VBTLX   Vanguard Total Bond Market Index Fund Admiral Shares            $115,260

VTABX   Vanguard Total International Bond Index Fund Admiral Shares    $31,762

                                                          Total $147,022

Janus Taxable Mutual funds:

JANRX   Janus Global Select Fund   419.463   $12.680   10/21/2014             $5,318
JNGLX   Janus Global Life Sciences Fund   176.148   $50.780   10/21/2014     $8,944
JNGTX   Janus Global Technology Fund   287.438   $23.500   10/21/2014     $6,754

                                                                     Total $21,016         

Taxable Yacktman Fund:

YACKX  YACKTMAN FUND SERVICE CLASS                                                    Total $4,028

Taxable Transamerica Fund:

TFOIX Transamerica Capital Growth                                              Total $6,200


CREF Growth       $29,973
CREF Stock            $31,721
TIAA Traditional    $53,907

                                                                                   Total $115,601

Janus Traditional IRA:

JANBX   Janus Balanced Fund      $1,611
JNMCX   Perkins Mid Cap Value Fund   $3,100
JNGOX   Perkins Global Value Fund       $1,250
JANRX   Janus Global Select Fund        $9,363
JANEX   Janus Enterprise Fund      $1,392
JANVX   Janus Venture Fund      $2,009

                                               Total $18,725

Janus Roth IRA:

JNRFX   Janus Research Fund      $1,445
JACNX   Janus Contrarian Fund      $8,204
JNGTX   Janus Global Technology Fund   $3,286
JANEX   Janus Enterprise Fund      $1,181
JANRX   Janus Global Select Fund   $2,155

                                               Total $16,271

Vanguard Roth IRA:

VGENX   Vanguard Energy Fund Investor Shares                   $8,536
VGSIX   Vanguard REIT Index Fund Investor Shares           $4,573
VISGX   Vanguard Small-Cap Growth Index Fund Investor Shares   $4,975

                                                                   Total $18,084


YACKX YACKTMAN FUND SERVICE CLASS                                   Total $3,612

401k from divorce QDRO:

High Yield Bond                     $11,307
U.S. Small-Mid Cap Stock               $18,958
Non-U.S. Developed Markets Stock        $2,568
Non-U.S. Emerging Markets Stock           $7,425
U.S. Large Cap Stock             $32,630

                                               Total $72,890

Stock Portfolio:                                             Total $142,000

ALCOA INC  769.396 $16.28                          $12,525

BP PLC ADR  100.000 $42.04                          $4,203

BOSTON SCIENTIFIC CORP  60.000 $11.89                 $713

CISCO SYS INC  450.000 $23.33                      $10,498

CONOCOPHILLIPS  151.029 $70.14                     $10,593

CUMMINS INC 85.141 $134.14                         $11,420

DEERE & COMPANY  51.047 $83.58                      $4,266

DOW CHEMICAL CO  99.860 $47.65                      $4,758

FORD MTR CO  350.000 $14.12                         $4,942

INTEL CORP  215.671 $32.14                          $6,931

OLIN CORP NEW  1,032.375 $25.32                    $26,139

PHILLIPS 66 COM  25.514 $76.05                      $1,940

PROCTER & GAMBLE  15.472 $84.28                     $1,303

S & T  123.701 $24.81                               $3,069

SMITH & WESSON  950.000 $10.28                      $9,766

SOUTHERN COPPER CORP  251.070 $29.88                $7,501

UNITED STATES STEEL  240.192 $35.50                 $8,526

WALMART STORES INC  30.604 $75.91                   $2,323

TRANSOCEAN LIMITED COM  285.000 $29.82              $8,498



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I don't know how you can keep up with all those funds and stocks. Seems confusing. I'll bet you could cut it down to 5-10 index funds MAX across everything and see the same performance, possibly even better performance, than what you've been getting. Something like:

US Total Stock Market
Total Int'l Stock Market
US Total Bond
Total Int'l Bond

The sector funds IMO don't make much sense for most people. Unless you have some sort of inside info (the legal kind) that the industry should outperform in the long run, or are holding all the sector funds in equal weight to make your own equal weight total stock market fund, I just don't see the point.

Looks like roughly $1.3 mil total you have. 3% SWR would probably be fine. Finding side income is never a bad idea, if anything just so you have something to keep your mind going.


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Yeah, totally agree about narrowing it down, and I hold pretty much every fund you mention already...  Thought the same "whew", that's a heck of a lotta funds...  Really want to get out of the Janus funds, and plow the proceeds into my Vanguard holdings to save on cost, plus simplicity.  Wondering what kind of tax hit I will get selling the taxable Janus/Transamerica funds, then putting that into my taxable vanguard funds?  Worth it?


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You might be able to transfer some funds over and target funds that have losses to help offset the short and long term gains.

But other than that, I would start moving the funds only after you have ER, and have very low earned income, that way you can pay zero taxes on long term capital gains.


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