Author Topic: SEP IRA (from one job) and Solo 401k (from another job/own company)?  (Read 625 times)


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While I understand you can have both, I was wondering about my following situation
1. Job 1 - I am a w2 employee and my employer contributes to a SEP IRA for his employees (employer contributions only, no employee contributions).
2. Job 2 - my own company that I have a solo 401k plan for. This is a plan I would contribute into myself.

Job1 and Job2 are unrelated (that is, I do no work under Job 2 related to Job 1 or vice versa)

Can I contribute to my solo 401k even though I have another job that contributed to the SEP IRA?
If I can contribute to my solo 401k, what are the limits (elected deferrals + profit sharing)? Does the fact that I have the SEP IRA with another company impact what I can contribute to the 401k.

Thanks for your time.